What a morning of whale watching – 15/6/14

What an amazing morning for whale watching, today's whale sightings were absolutely amazing. This morning we had some aerial footage taken which truly shows how majestic the great Humpback Whales are. Checkout our Facebook feed to see the short video of the whales at play facebook.com/whalesinparadise

7:30am Sightings Report
1x Humpback Whale playing alongside the vessel for approximately 1hr
20x Common Dolphins

11:00am - Sightings Report
4x Humpback Whales came within 20 metres of Mahi Mahi
3x Common Dolphins

2:30pm - Sightings Report
6x Humpback Whales were sighted in close proximity of Mahi Mahi and with 3x other pods close by
10x Spinner Dolphins