Monster Pods!

G'day Team Whale!

Our Sunset Cruise at Whales in Paradise yesterday was one for the books! We viewed TWO EXTREMELY LARGE PODS of 6 -7 Humpbacks each (or "Monster Pods" as our thrilled passengers aptly named them!). That in itself is just incredible- but what absolutely blew our minds was that we had a pod on each side of the vessel simultaneously! That means that our enthralled and privileged passengers were literally SURROUNDED BY GIANT HUMPBACKS! Could it get any better? 'Only if one of the whales had jumped over the boat,' quipped our cheeky skipper, Gary. 

     And these weren't just any ol' pods of Humpbacks, they seemed to be ELITE pods; hyper-active and dead keen to show off their incredible aqua acrobatics.  With jaws dropped in amazement, passengers looked on as the gentle giants treated us to surreal bouts of breaching right next to the boat! 

     Our Skipper, Gary, would also like to give a shout-out to some very special passengers of ours - Maryanne, Jeff and Chris- it was an absolute treat to have you onboard with us once again! You must have been a lucky charm for us.  No doubt the whales LOVE you and made a special double-whammy pod visit just to get a glimpst of you! We can't wait to have you back out on the water with us next time.

     This morning's cruise was a delight as well.  The Humpbacks must have decided to send out a lone soldier to check us out at the beginning of the cruise.  The solitary juvenile popped us right to boat- very stealth like, and checked us out.  We didn't mind one bit and were happy to check him out right back.  We then had a quiet spell in the middle of the cruise- is this because Monsieur Solitary was giving some detailed feedback to his curious pod? We must have checked out OK with them as passengers at Whales in Paradise were suddenly treated to a visit from a fantastic POD of HUGE HUMPBACKS. 

     In particular, we enjoyed a slow-motion roll from one rather large male Humpback right next to the boat! That meant that our enraptured passengers were able to catch a glimpse of the Humpback's eye!  This is a very rare treat indeed.  

    The Humpback's beautiful brown eyes are perfectly adapted for seeing both below and above the water as they have a special protective layer protecting them from the saltwater- a little like inbuilt goggles! This is thanks to their lachrymal gland, which produces a fatfilm across the eye- very handy if you live in the ocean.  They can see up to 400 feet under clear water.  When a Humpback does a Spyhop, he/she pops his/her head up out of the water to have a look around, get his bearings- and perhaps to check out awesome passengers at Whales in Paradise.

    We can't wait to hear how this afternoon's Sunset Cruise at Whales in Paradise is going! See you back here soon.