Migaloo is on his way to the Gold Coast

Migaloo is on his way to the Gold Coast

Migaloo - Whales in Paradise

Migaloo 10th August 2015

Some hoped for it again this year, some prayed he was still alive and some expected his return, then relief came on a facebook post today, the famous white humpback whale, Migaloo is on his way to the Gold Coast!

Sydney Herald reports, "the famous humpback  had keen whale watchers in a frenzy this morning when he was spotted by Jane Adamson of Moonshadow-TQC onboard the Hinchinbrook Explorer".

The keen photographer was on her day off, when she first spotted Migaloo off Fingal Bay early Friday morning. She then rushed to jump on board the 10am Moonshadow-TWC cruise off the Port Stephens Coast.

“We saw a few whales, but weren’t sure that he was with them,” she said.

“The water turned aqua around him and made him very identifiable.

“We were all jumping up and down when we saw him.”

Migaloo was sighted seven miles off shore from Bennetts Beach, Hawks Nest with a travelling companion.

Coastal towns and cities along the east coast of Australia get excited this time of year, as anticipation of spotting the famous whale heats up. Migaloo has passed the east coast shores for many years and is rarely spotted. Over the past 10 years, sightings have become more frequent with Whale Watching tour operators watching his every move. Trackers wait for each sighting and as he nears the Gold Coast, everyone is waiting and hoping he will pass in daylight hours, when Whale Watching tour operators can head out in hope of coming alongside this glowing beast.

Whales in Paradise never miss an opportunity to take their passengers to see this rare whale, and there's  far more opportunity to see him on one of their vessels, due to the number of tours operated daily. This may just be, your best chance to see the humpback whale the whole world seems to be watching, Migaloo.

Whales in Paradise depart directly from Surfers Paradise, just a short walk from most hotels and have whale watching cruises at 7.30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 2.30pm daily.

Migaloo is on his way to the Gold Coast, so if you wanted to go whale watching this year, the time is now and the weather and ocean conditions are awesome this time of year!

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