Migaloo Is Coming!

Migaloo is coming! He’s the Gold Coast’s most famous whale – and he’s apparently heading for our Gold Coast shores! Migaloo the White Whale has reportedly been spotted cruising past Port Macquarie - meaning it’ll only be a matter of days before he hits the Gold Coast waters.

If you’d like the chance to spot Migaloo on a whale watching trip as he makes his way past the Gold Coast, book online here or give our reception staff a call. Getting to see the white whale is an experience you’ll never forget. Now everyone knows Migaloo is on his way these tours will fill up fast.

A little more about Migaloo…

The famous Migaloo was once known as the only completely white Humpback whale to swim the ocean’s currents. That was until Migaloo Jnr, an all-white baby Humpback was spotted in 2011.

Migaloo migrates up the coast each year from Antarctica and has the entire Gold Coast whale watching community captivated when sighted – his pure white appearance and uniqueness has ensured he is protected under Australian law. This means he and his junior counterpart will be thrilling Gold Coast whale watchers for years to come.

Some of our crew have been lucky enough to spot Migaloo on our tours and will happily tell you how amazing he is.

Still spots available on this weeks tours so book soon to secure your seat.

- The Crew at Whales in Paradise