Meet the Mini High-Tec Flying Whale Tracker

Biologists have recently discovered the merits of using high tec, mini flying "hexacopters" to track whales. The hexacopter, which boasts six quiet engines and a GPS, has incredible maneuverability and is able to collect a vast amount of detailed data.

In a recent interview with OurAmazingPlanet, Wayne Perryman, a NOAA Marine Biologist explained that mechanical devices outskill humans in numerous ways when tracking whales: "When you get into aggregations of thousands of animals, humans are lousy at determining how many animals there are." He went on to comment that the added benefits of detailed photography captured via the device enabled the biologists to discover things they wouldn't have previously seen.Hexacopter tracks whales

Perryman is a great fan of developing new and innovative ways of tracking animals. After researching and experimenting with military reconnaissance techniques to track marine life, he formed an alliance with Don LeRoi, a Navy Officer of Aerial Imaging Solutions in Connecticut. Together they have developed the Hexacopter.

The pair have been sharing their exciting developments with scientists worldwide and were recently found tracking Sperm Whales with their device offshore New Zealand. The team of researchers named their Hexacopter "Archie" and went on to track a pod of tagged whales with their near-silent, high-tec tracker. While the research was mostly a success, Perryman admits there were times when "Archie" took a bad turn and ended up in the water.

Aerial View of Humpback Mother and Calf

Aerial view of a Humpback mother & her calf. Photo Credit:

The innovative biologist sees a myriad of future possibilities for his Hexacopter; from collecting skin samples to even breath samples.

We look forward to learning more about the beautiful gentle giants of the ocean as this talented man's research continues. Stay tuned!