Loving Whales

What is it that lures us to become mesmerised by these amazing mammals?

Research has shown that whales not only share our kind of intelligence, they also feel the emotions that we feel. They feel empathy and love, they enjoy our applause and presence as much as we appreciate their presence and slap of the tail.

It has been discovered that whales such as the humpback, fin, killer, sperm and grey whales have a particular cell that only humans and apes were known to have.

The cell, known as the spindle neurone, is a specialised brain cell that allows us to process emotions and helps us interact socially. It is the reason why we feel empathy and love, it is the reason we get butterflies when we are nervous and why we are protective of our children.

This special cell is the reason as to why whales have very complex social structures, like humans. For instance, the social structure of killer whales is often considered to resemble a culture. When killer whales are not hunting for food they are extremely social and are often found in pods, sometimes up to four generations, and if the pod were to feel threatened, they would fiercely protect their own/young.

... Remember to vocalise your appreciation of these magnificent creatures on our Whale Watching tour, not for us but for the whales, they really do LOVE hearing from you. They may even slap their tail to show their appreciation.