Lots of Whales About

blog whaleWhat an amazing day we have had today whale watching on all our cruises.  If you weren't aware, we now run three cruises a day due to high demand, and these are departing at 7:30am, 11am and 2:30pm

This morning, we saw a mother and her calf swimming on their journey back down to Antarctica.  So now we get the best of both lots of whales, some swimming north still to have their calves, and those swimming back who have had their calves.  This means there are even more whales about in these waters of the Gold Coast.

This afternoon we saw four different pods of whales, and despite the few scattered showers earlier in the day, we still managed to get a beautiful clear sunset with pink clouds.  The whales were also quite playful and showed off for us by breaching up out of the water, then making a big splash as they came back down.

The sea conditions were also quite calm and with lots of whales about, made for great photo opportunities for our guests on board.  So if you're ever in doubt about the weather, don't forget that the whales keep swimming through no matter what time of day and no matter what the weather is doing.