Ladies Day Out- Amazing visit from Three Giant Female Humpbacks!

Could this weather get any better? We don't think so! Absolutely perfect Whale Watching conditions here on the Gold Coast, once again!

We had a devine morning out the water; pristine conditions, blue skies, 100% visibility and a boat load of thrilled passengers! It didn't take long for us to sight three extremely beautiful giant female Humpbacks- it must have been a ladies day out! One of these beauties delighted all with a half breach (which one of our super crew members, Cody, has officially termed 'the amazing torpedo launch!') The pod of three then came right up to the pod to check us out before waving us off with a surplus of energetic tail slaps, just as we were moving on.

Have you ever seen a Humpback do a tail slap? It is an enormously powerful action where the whale's flukes are lifted clear out of the water and then brought down on the surface with a great resounding "crack!" Not surprising seeing as their flukes can be up to 4.5 metres wide! At times, a Humpbacks will sometimes slap repeatedly, more than 40 times! It was like that for us this morning, with the majestic Humpback ladies showing off their skills nonstop!
The whale's tail is also useful for identification as the underside is a distinctive as our own fingerprints. Thumbs up!

Hope you enjoyed this whale tale as much as we enjoyed this morning's whale tails! ; - )

Photo Credit: Tony Wu Underwater Photography.