Kids go MAD for Whale Watching!

As a mother of two little ones, I know the challenge we face keeping them entertained! While mine are too young for school,  I do know plenty of parents who start to pull their hair out around week two of school holidays... sound familiar?

So, if Peppa Pig is no longer doing it for you, or you're tempted to strangle Angelina Ballerina with a mis-matched sock.... the experts say - get out of the house!

Great! Go to the park, go to the beach. Get some exercise. Done. And done again. Time for something new?

Have you taken the kids whale watching? Seriously they will think it's better than the Ninja Turtles (yes, they're back in). And if they're like my son and obsessed with the tallest buildings, the biggest trucks - they will think seeing a 40-tonne humpback whale is just "so cool mummy!"

Now my kid has attitude, serious attitude - and he's only four! So finding something to entertain him is no easy task! But a morning of whale watching put a grin on his face that remained the whole day. Weeks later and he's still talking about it... asking me when we can go again!

And the best part? It might be the fresh air, the buzz of being out on the ocean, the views of the Gold Coast Hinterland and Surfers Paradise... it's all spectacular! But for us, it was the anticipation of seeing another breach... another incredible tail slap so close and so powerful that the waves rocked the boat!

The best part was the thrill of being amongst real-life action adventure - without a TV in sight!