It’s October Already – Can I Still See Whales on the Gold Coast?

It's October Already - Can I Still See Whales on the Gold Coast?

It's October Already - Can I Still See Whales on the Gold Coast? The year has flown by (how is it October already?) and we’re starting to get a few enquiries from keen whale watchers, wondering whether the Humpbacks have left the Gold Coast.

So as to whether you can still see whales on the Gold Coast, the answer is a resounding yes! There are still plenty of Humpback Whales cruising past the Gold Coast, as they migrate their way back down to Antarctica, and our whale watching tours will be running, three times a day, everyday until the 8th of November. That means you’ve still got a good few weeks left to observe these beautiful creatures on the Gold Coast before the season is over.


Only a few weeks to go if you want to have a chance at watching a Humpback whale breach!

What’s even more enticing is that we’re heading into summer – and one thing the Gold Coast is famous for is our beautiful hot summer days and crystal clear waters. There’s no better time to come for a cruise on our luxury catamarans Kaiala and Mahi Mahi than right now! Come for the whales, stay for the weather.

The Humpbacks are currently migrating back down to Antarctica to feed for the Summer, as they’ve given birth to their baby whale calves in the warm waters of the North. That means we’re still seeing many newly born Humpback whale calves travelling with their mothers – which is an absolute treat to see on our whale watching tours. The young whales love to show off and learn all the common whale behaviours such as breaching, tail slapping and spy hopping.


Whales 'spy hopping' next to the Mahi Mahi

We were even lucky enough to sight a rare ‘mega pod’ of around 10 Humpback whales a couple of days ago. We generally sight Humpback whale pods of 2-4 creatures, so finding such a high number of Humpbacks travelling together was very special for both our guests and the crew.

Lynn spinnato Calf_Buddha__5032

A pod of Humpback whales migrating together.

So if you’ve been putting off going whale watching, don’t delay any longer – there are still plenty of whales migrating down to Antarctica that are cruising past the Gold Coast right now. Our tours finish on the 8th of November, but we’re still running three times a day, everyday until then.

Book online here or give our reception staff a call on +61 7 5538 2111 to book your spot.

- The Crew at Whales in Paradise