Its nature & it is unpredictable….

Part of the allure of Whale Watching is the unpredictable nature of the sport. You  never know what you are going to encounter from one day to the next and unpredictuallity was displayed between our last two cruises!

Yesterday's afternoon cruise was AMAZING! The weather good, although a little cool, the sea's were calm and we had a great encounter a pod of Whales.

We spied a breach off in the distance so headed over for a closer look. Just as we were begining to lose hope as we couldn't seem to find our "Jumper" passengers and crew were amazed when we got another breach within 10 metres of the boat!  This whale must have gone under and told his mates to check us out because, for what seemed like forever, our boat was continuously mugged by a few very inquisitive whales!

"What an amazing experience" "best day EVER" "UNBELIEVABLE" were a few comments from our passengers!

There was also a plaful pod of dolphins. All in all a very successful afternnon cruise....

This morning cruise wasn't quite as eventful....It was a nice clear morning, the sea's were moderate but the whales were pretty elusive. There was some blow's and splashing in the distance however as we got closer to the spots we could not locate them again! They were obvisouly turning to stealth mode as we approached!!

We were however lucky enough to spot a pod of 3 whales merrily swimming along. We joined them for a while and cruised along while they swam close by our boat, though they were more interested in getting to their destination than putting on a show for us!

Passengers still exited with a smiles on their faces as they were amazed with the gracefulness and size of these gorgeous mamals. To be able to experience them in their natural enviroment is an amazing experience within itself!