It Just Keeps Getting Better Out There!!

"That was the BEST day of the season!" announced our Skipper coming into our office this afternoon.
"You said that last week" was our reply
"Well it was then BUT today was even BETTER than last Friday!!"

August is one of the best months for whale watching on the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast has many whales passing through its waters from May to November, however during August there is a cross over in whale traffic. The stragglers are still heading North to the breeding/mating grounds but we also have the 1st of the earlier whales heading back South to the cooler waters/feeding grounds.

On this mornings cruise we found a pod of six whales approx 10 miles off shore and they were going crazy!! It was VERY exciting for crew and passengers...we got an impressive display of absolutely everything from these whales!! Lots of amazing breaches from this aerial group.

The sea condition's were absolutely PERFECT and with a high of 25 degrees here today you couldn't have chosen a better morning to go whale watching.

We also seen a Dugong...unfortunately it was deceased. From first distance glance crew thought they had spotted a whale so manoeuvred closer for a look, upon approach realised it was in fact a deceased Dugong floating upside down.
The dugong is a fascinating marine mammal that can grow up to 3 metres long, weigh over 400 kilograms and live for more than 70 years. It is often referred to as a 'sea cow' as it is the only marine mammal that is a herbivore (plant eater) and lives almost entirely on seagrass. The dugong is more closely related to elephants than it is to dolphins or whales.

SO.....once again we will ask "HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR CRUISE??" If not give our friendly team a call on (07) 5538 2111 or book online TODAY!!