Incredible Double Breach Amazes Passengers

"It was the ultimate whale watching tour!" That was how our enraptured skipper, Steve, summed up this morning's unbelievably fantastic cruise. We came across a couple of show ponies- a delightful pod of two Humpbacks thats couldn't resist showing off for us!

The first part of the cruise was filled the Humpbacks getting up to their usual 'mugging' tricks. Mugging is one of our absolute favourite whale moves! When curiosity gets the better of one of our gentle giants friends, they come very near the boat and pop their heads up out of the water- basically just to check out us out! They then stay with the boat for some time, showing off their various aqua acrobatics skills such as tail slapping and pec-slapping (that's a whales version of waving hello!)

The Gold Coast is an ideal location for viewing breaches as Humpback whales are considered to be the acrobats of the whale family. Our passengers were thrilled when our Morning Cruise at Whales in Paradise was completed with a grand finale of a DOUBLE BREACH. It was one of the most spectacular double breaches of the season- impressing even our crew! Seeing two giant Humpbacks leap out of the water in time, is a spectacular and breath-taking sight- no matter how many breaches you have seen!

So, how exactly does a HUGE HUMPBACK manage to lunge its 35 -45 TON body out of the water- and still mange to execute the move with grace? They wind their body to two thirds or more out of the water, like turning on their own axle. With their powerful fluke they only need a few beats to lunge themselves out of the water. Despite its impressiveness, a single breach takes only 0.075% of the whale's daily energy intake! That's why sometimes we are lucky enough to see several breaches in a row- when they really want to show off!

RIght now our Sunset Cruise passengers are boarding our purpose-built catamaran! We can't wait to hear how our it goes. See you out there soon!

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