Humpback Whales Migrate South from Gold Coast


Migrating humpback whales



As the season comes to an end, the humpback whales migrate south from the Gold Coast shores towards the Antarctic where the waters are cool and filled with delicious krill which they feast on to fatten up after their long journey. Krill are small free-swimming crustaceans which are the staple diet of the whales.

During the whale's time in the Southern Ocean, they will also breed and bring with them their young calves as they return back up the East Coast of Australia. If you have not ever been whale watching, make sure you sign up for one of our cruises from June next year so that you get the chance to share some special moments with these enchanting animals!

As we wave another great whale watching season farewell for now, make sure you stay tuned for more news and updates on our website: 

humpback whales migrate