Humpbacks and Highrises weekly whale update – week 1

On the 27th of May 2017 we surveyed our very first pod of the season with Whales in Paradise. It was a close encounter of 4 whales heading north. Likely a group of young adults. We also had a few dolphins, likely bottlenose!
On our next survey we were lucky enough to have a long encounter allowing us to count 126 blows. The individual whale had some interesting markings on its back and tail slashed a few times. Likely to be a bull whale making its way up north. Once again the cheeky dolphins were flirting around the whales and the boat. This day we counted 5 whales all together.

Above: A Humpback whale surfacing to breathe during one of this weeks surveys. You can see the beginning of the blow (the whales exhalation, which condensates to appear as water spurting from the whales blow hole).
Another 2 whales were observed later in the week moving relatively fast, and another individual on the 1st June changing directions and swimming with no particular direction.Its likely that the whale was socialising with other whales in the Gold Coast bay. Once again bottlenose dolphins came in for a visit. This day we recorded 3 whales, and were excited to see our first juvenile hammerhead of the season, swimming on the surface.

Above: Both researchers and whale watchers were excited to see a juvenile Hammerhead swimming on the surface during one of the surveys. Juvenile Hammerheads are seen frequently during whale watching tours.
All in all, a fantastic start for the season with 8 Humpback whales, 10 dolphins and a shark surveyed.
Tune in next week for more of what Humpbacks and Highrises see out on the Gold Coast bay during their surveys!