Humpback Whales Everywhere!


We have had another great cruise out on the water this morning- blue skies and whales everywhere!

Yesterday afternoon was also full of whale adventures. Our skipper reported that they came across a really beautiful example of 'whale communication' yesterday involving a large Humpback breaching.

Whales communicate in a number of ways including creating sounds and using their body to communicate to other whales their intentions. Just as our Skipper, Gary, was explaining this to our enthralled passengers, one very helpful large Humpback male (who must have been listening as well!) decided to do some elaborate breaching for us. As he did this, the Skipper said: 'So, although we can't see other Humpbacks out there right now, more than likely this Humpback is communicating with others" -At that very moment two beautiful Humpbacks appeared out of nowhere- only half a mile from the boat. One of the two even breached- perhaps as a response in this intriguing whale conversation?

Breaching has been observed as a form of social interaction and can be used to display aggression, warn others, or during courtship to display a desire to mate. Due to the large size and weight of the whale breaching causes large disturbances in the water which make it’s actions unmistakable to other whales above or beneath the water and can be used as an effective signaling method to communicate to other whales.

What do you think? We would LOVE to know what they were chatting about...