Humpback Whales at Sunset

Humpbacks galore! - and even little dancing jellyfish to top off an amazing morning!

Despite the westerly, conditions were fantastic out this morning. Blue skies and a sun-soaked Morning Cruise- all this departing right from the heart of Surfers Paradise! Who could ask for anything more?

We were treated to no less than NINE BEAUTIFUL HUMPBACK whales, all up to their usual breath-taking tricks of breaching, spy-hopping and the ever friendly pectoral-slap!

Our excited passengers are boarding our SUNSET cruise as we speak- gearing up from a fantastic whale-watching experience- and in fact, for some, it will be the experience of a life time. One friendly and super-excited passenger just informed us that he has been waiting four years for a chance to see Humpbacks! We love that. Let's hope we view some MAGICAL SUNSET TAIL-SLAPS to impress our avid whale fan!

Come and live YOUR dream! Those gorgeous Humpbacks are waiting for you!

Photo Credit: Rolf Hicker