Humpback Whale didn’t want us to Leave!

What a morning!

We had a very funny visit from a GIANT HUMPBACK male- who seemed so enamoured with our company that he didn't want us to leave! The friendly fellow stayed right next to our boat for no less than 45minutes straight! Swimming around and under the boat, as well as showing off various aqua acrobatics. This curious creature and his pod kept us company in one way or another for the entire morning!

As soon as we arrived, we spotted the fantastic pod of seven jumping in the distance; a beautiful sight under this morning's cloudless blue skies. However, as soon as our devoted whale friend spottest the boat- he made a speedy beeline for us and came straight over!

This particular gentle giant took mugging to a whole new level to the point where our amused skipper, Steve, quipped: "I didn't think I was going to be able to leave him!" We are sure, if given the chance, that lovesick whale would have jumped aboard (just like in the picture attached) and come home to with us!

There is nothing better than a mugging from a Humpback! It means our thrilled passengers had the golden opportunity to view the spectacular whale up close and personal. This is made even easier given that at Whales in Paradise, we limit passenger numbers- which means guaranteed rail-side viewing! And all this from our purpose built water-level viewing deck!

We hope to see our new found friend out there again this afternoon! It was such a fun morning.

See you out there again soon!

Photo Credit: Banff Material Art and Lines