Humpback Tail Slaps get Huge Thumbs up from Passengers!

Wow- what an idyllic morning!

Conditions out on the ocean were perfect with water "so still that it was difficult to distinguish the horizon," remarked our rather poetic skipper, Gary, this morning!

These idyllic ocean conditions were equally matched with perfect whale watching conditions. As we headed out we encountered our first beautiful Humpback in the seaway! The gentle giant seemed to a be a one-whale welcoming committee as we headed out to visit his Humpback friends in the ocean.

And yes- the cruise just kept on getting better and better- a pod of dolphins magically appeared out of nowhere, darting along the waters surfacing beside us. Is it just us or do dolphins always look like they're smiling?

We polished the cruise off with a fantastic visit from a pod of three Humpbacks who were just lapping up the attention from our thrilled passengers. The show-ponies put on a fabulous show of energetic, impressive tail-slaps. Not only are tail-slaps incredibly impressive, they also serve as a means of identification.

Did you know each whale tail is unique? It is the whale version of a thumb-print; no two are alike and along with a whale's scars, it is a useful way for us (and for the whales) to keep track of the different pods. Whale tail identification along with colours and shapes of dorsal fins is now the standard method of identity used for research and managing these precious animals all over the world. This is known as "photo-identification," in which individual whales are identified, cataloged, and monitored.

Anything that helps protect these gorgeous giants of the ocean gets a HUGE thumbs up (or should we say tails up ; - ) from us here at Whales in Paradise!

See you tomorrow!

Photo Credit: Tony Wu Underwater Photography.