Humpback Calf & Mother Visit us at Whales in Paradise!

Good Afternoon!

Wowee! We have had a yet another brilliant morning out on the water. Perfect conditions out- blue skies and calm seas.

Once again the skippers came back in with huge grins on their faces declaring: "those whales are everywhere!" In fact, there were so many out there this morning, our skippers were at a loss as to which AMAZING HUMPBACK POD to spend time with first! Seems as if one cheeky giant Humpback didn't like the idea of us moving to another pod- just as we turned to leave Monsieur Humpback started doing breath-taking breaches for us! Clever Humpback- there's no way we wanted to miss out on that. Our enraptured passengers looked on in awe as the gentle giant lept out of the water with an astounding combination of strength and grace.

And from there, the morning just got better and better... A mother Humpback decided to introduce us to her sweet little calf! The delightful pair swan towards our purpose-built catamaran, Mahi Mahi, and then swam in gentle circles before us. The mother seemed quite content to let her little one check us out- it was an incredible experience for all involved.

This fantastic cruise came to a close with a very amusing scenario involving two giant female Humpbacks and one giant 'bachelor' Humpback. The two ladies of leisure, which were at quite a distance from the male, suddenly gave an incredible display of HUGE tail slaps. It seems that this was the signal the male has been hoping for! At the first sign of a tail slap- the male was seen to be literally speeding through the water to make his way over to the bathing beauties! Must have been love at first tail slap ; - ) Seeing a gigantic Humpback swimming through the water at such a speed is quite a sight. Did you know a Humpback is capable of swimming up to 27 kilometres per hour.

We can't wait to hear how this afternoon's Sunset Cruise is going. We are filling up fast- our next available spots are for tomorrow afternoon. Call us now on (07) 5538 2111 for your chance to see Humpbacks on the Gold Coast!

Photo Credit: Whale Trust.