Humpback breaches 3metres from the Boat!

Hello Whale Lovers!

What a fantastic morning we have had. A HUGE HUMPBACK breached only three metres from the boat- no matter how many times you see one of these incredibly beautiful creatures breach, it is always breathtaking.

The majority of this morning's whales were still heading north. We had a wonderful visit from a very large male and female humpback for quite some time. They seemed very curious of us and were friendly enough to stick around for some quality time. Monsieur Humpback had a substantial amount of scarring- no doubt from some battles with other males all vying for a female's attention. For such gentle and graceful looking creature, its a real reminder of their strength. However, fear not- we only see our beloved Humpbacks serenely breaching and acting playful for us!

Check out our facebook page for some INCREDIBLE footage of Humpbacks battling it out for a female. As Dr Oakes, from Earth News BBC puts it "It's the closest we're ever going to get to dinosaurs fighting. It's the largest battle in the animal kingdom and it feels like something out of Jurassic Park"

See you next time!