Humbacks enjoying Sunshine on the Gold Coast

"It was the perfect whale watching morning," declared Steve, our skipper, this afternoon.

Conditions out were devine! Blue cloudless skies and 5 very friendly Humpback whales to keep up company.  We had a lot of breaching, tail slaps and loads of laid-back pectoral slaps! Those Humpbacks were just cruising out there today!

 When Humpbacks are in a very relaxed state (and who wouldn't be, in this weather!) swimming on the surface of the water, they often lift and drop their pectoral fins on the water, while on one side of its body or the other.  An adults pectoral fin can weigh up to a third of the whales body weight- so you can imagine the BIG SPLASH it makes when it hits the water.  It's long too- did you know a Humpback's pectoral fin is roughly 1/3 the length of its body? That makes it the longest pectoral fin of all the whales!

 Check out the devine photograph of a Humpback Pectoral fin by Bonnie Pelnar.  We think Humpbacks would give the best high-fives ever!

 We can't wait to see what this afternoon's cruise brings! See you out there soon.