“Huge Humpback with a Tail like a Boeing 747!”

Good Afternoon!

We had an action packed morning this morning.

Very early in the cruise, we were treated to some phenomenal breaching from two separate whales- it was exactly the whale welcome we had been hoping for! After blowing us away with their incredibly graceful breaching, the two mysterious creatures disappeared into the depths- they knew exactly how to leave us wanting more!

We carried on our fantastic cruise by following a beautiful large female Humpback who was heading South. Our passengers were so engrossed in sighting this wonderfully gentle giant that we didn't even notice a HUGE MALE HUMPBACK heading right for us from the North! This friendly Humpback was obviously very keen to say hello and get his fair share of attention! And with a fabulous tail like his- no wonder he wanted some attention. Our skipper, Gary, said the Humpback was absolutely enormous with a 'tail like a Boeing 747!"

As we are have now reached the middle of the whale season on the Gold Coast, we are being treated to fantastic sightings as while some Humpbacks are still heading North, others are already heading back south. There couldn't be a better time to come out with Whale Watching with our friendly crew at Whales in Paradise!

See you out there soon!

Photo Credit: Dr. Louis M. Herman.