Huge Humpback Surprises Passengers!

Welcome back, Sunshine!

     This morning has been the best cruise of the week! The sun is out and so are the whales and dolphins- all being as cheeky as ever!

     We had alot of surfacing near the boat, with the whales also swimming under and around our vessel, Mahimahi.  One of cheekiest whales really seemed to enjoy giving our passengers a BIG SURPRIZE:

     Picture this- Our passengers are enjoying a picturesque Gold Coast morning; the gentle sound of water lapping at the edges of the boat, the enchanting sight of whales breaching in the near distance- when all of a sudden a HUGE HUMPBACK surfaces right next to the boat and spouts a fountain of water up through his blow hole!!The passengers were all laughing and completely loving it!!

     So what is this blowhow business all about, you ask?

     Did you know the blowhole is actually the whale's nostril? Quite funny when you think of it like that. Humpback whales have two blowholes (some have only one). Unlike us, whales can only breathe through their blowholes, not their mouths- so blowholes are very important! That's why the Humpbacks surface every few minutes to blow out a mixture of water and air and take in a fresh breath or air. Then again, maybe sometimes its just to sneak up on unsuspecting passengers at Whales in Paradise! We love it!

    Let's see what's in store for us on this afternoon's Sunset Cruise!