Huge Humpback emerges from the Depths!

What a magnificent cruise!

To start off with, a cheeky pod of dolphins seemed keen to introduce us to their charming whale friend.  It was quite an amazing sight to see the dolphin pod lead the way for the dolphins- as if they were leading in royalty! We loved it!

Our Morning Cruise was completely ecstatic to view the beautiful pod of three Humpbacks.  Two of the beauties thrilled passengers simply by surfacing! There's nothing quite like sound that they make when they come up for air! However- the real show pony of the pod was the number three! The third Humpback took his time to emerge- he certainly knew how to work an audience.  

With the incredible spring weather on the Gold Coast, once again we had fantastic, 100% visibility.  That meant that as "Number 3" made his guest appearance, our enraptured passengers could see him rising up out of the deep blue sea! What a truly incredible sight.  It took about 5 whole seconds before he popped up before us- it was such a glamourous and dramatic arrival that we all felt he deserved a wild applause after that!

See you out there soon!

Photo Credit: Ocean Wide Images