How to get the perfect WHELFIE!!

Gold Coast Whale Watching - how to get the perfect whelfie

Greg got lucky with a whelfie threesome on board Whales in Paradise

With the whale watching season kicking off tomorrow, Saturday 27th of May 2017, we thought we’d give you some hot tips on how to capture the perfect Whelfie…

What’s a Whelfie you ask? Well... a whelfie is a selfie with a whale!

The term whelfie came about when our crew member, Trent, first took a selfie with a whale and posted on Facebook, where the comment ‘whelfie’ quickly popped up.

From there, the craze took off amongst the crew, and soon they were teaching our customers how to get the perfect whelfie!

How to get the perfect whelfie, gold coast whale watching

(Left) Trent's original Whelfie on board Whales in Paradise (Middle) Trent's koala selfie, and (Right) Trent's King Parrot selfie, all in a days work at Southern Cross 4WD Tours. 

Trent has made quite a habit of these animal selfies, with parrots and koalas to name a few.

So we asked the Whelfie master himself, what his top 3 tips for getting the perfect whelfie were.. And here they are:

1. Knowing the behaviours of the majestic mammals.. by understanding how Humpback whales behave, Trent can predict what the whales are likely to do next, and where they are likely to pop up! Our crew have years of whale knowledge under their belts, so make sure to listen carefully to their expert, and entertaining commentary! And don't be afraid to ask them where they think the whales will surface next!
2. Phenomenal timing.. Knowing when the whales will surface is a skill on its own. Whales can hold their breath up to an astonishing 45 minutes at a time!! Now I know I wouldn't want to wait that long for a selfie. But luckily for you, whales travelling past the Gold Coast generally only dive for approximately 2-3mins depending on a few different factors.Now that makes me feel a little better (phew!).
3. Last but not least is the water level viewing deck..for that perfect positioning of the whelfie! Both our vessels at Whales in Paradise were purposely designed and sourced for optimal Whale Watching. With the only water level viewing decks on the Gold Coast, we guarantee the perfect positioning for the Whelfie. With small group sizes, be satisfied knowing their will be plenty of rail side position available on all 3 viewing platforms.


Now if you want to get the perfect whelfie, jump on board a whale watching cruise with us at Whales in Paradise. We want to see YOUR whelfie this season!

Krystals whelfie - gold coast whale watching

Bud's whelfie - Gold Coast whale watching
Krytal (left) and Bud (right) mastering the whelfie.