How many are released?

In regards to the shark cull along the WA coast, on Saturday the 22nd of February at Moses Rocks, a tiger shark was pulled up by a South West fishing contractor. The tiger shark had his tail entangled in rope and was severely distress, so much so that he threw up his entire stomach contents. The substance contained oil, which is used to lure great white sharks in for tagging. The shark was shot three times in the head. Alive/Release?


Another incident occured where a tiger shark was caught on a hook through the left hand side of its mouth and penetrating through the top of its head. The tiger shark was still alive at the time however did not survive after the fisher man barbarically started hacking at the shark’s mouth and head. Unfortunately the shark had nothing to hold onto once it was butchered and sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Sea Shepherd Australia’s Managing Diretor Jeff Hansen stated, “Given the state of the so called “Alive/Released” sharks, there is none to little chance in survival, which means that if conservatively only half of these Tiger Sharks to date are surviving, by the time we hit April 30, we are looking at the slaughter of around 140 Tiger Sharks, an animal that keeps our oceans healthy that has not caused a fatality in the Perth of South West. The WA EPA has received a record number of submission, its time a full environmental impact assessment has conducted, that WA caught up with the 21st century and removed these barbaric and pointless drum lines immediately!” (22/02/14)

Since the SHARK CULL on WA’s beaches was introduced, how many sharks have been butchered, lured and caught but most importantly humanly released?