Have you ever seen a Surfing Seal ?? WE HAVE!!

Have you ever seen a Surfing Seal?? ....WE HAVE...and so did our passengers on this morning's cruise!

Aside from the chilly breeze we had a great morning out there on the water. 

There were lots of whales about. Our boat was surrounded by an inquisitive pod of whales whm hung around our boat for what seemed like ages, they were situated just under the surface watching our every move...something our crew has NEVER experienced before and they said was very interesting! We were also repeatedly mugged by a couple of cheeky teenagers!

And there was a group of dolphins who put on a short but entertaining acrobatic display for us...but the BEST yet was to come...the Surfing Seal!! As we were coming back in through the seaway there was a young seal making the most of the waves, ducking and diving and surfing along them, generally having a ball...maybe its school holidays for the seals too?!