Have You Been Dreaming about Whale Watching?

Have you been dreaming about whales?

Dreams about whales most likely symbolize calmness, spirituality, intuition or tranquility.  All sounds very relaxing, doesn't it? Your intuition might just be telling you to come cruising with us on a inspirational and invigorating whale watch cruise.  Let the gentle giants of the ocean inspire you today!

Do whales dream themselves? So far studies are inconclusive- however they have shown that dolphins may sleeptalk! Imagine that!>

We have had a wondeful morning at Whales in Paradise today.  The whales have been out in full force, cruising along in the sunshine.  We were treated to some spectacular example of side swimming and swimming upside down.  It was beautiful to watch, très onirique!

So what are you waiting for? Realise your dream and come Whale Watching with us today!