Great Whales Again

A little bit of a lumpy day with great whales.  The whales from this morning whale watch were active and agile as they normally are this time of year.  The seas this morning and afternoon are a little bit choppy however that does not deter the whales.  It typically found that the Humpback Whales are more active on rougher days and there are a couple of reasons for this being:

  1. They need to pull their heads high above the water to get a clear breath of air
  2. They also communicate but slapping the water of the surface of the water with tail or pectoral fins, so this needs to be done more aggresively so the other whales can hear it over the surface chop and
  3. They will also jump more to see what it around them.

Don't forget to book you Gold Coast Whale Watching tour today.  If your not sure how you travel on the ocean ask one of reservations staff assit with the best day to pick.