Great Morning Out On The Water

What a gorgeous day on the Gold Coast today, and what a great morning cruise we had.

The sun is shining and the sea's are calm, we had a full boat this morning and the passengers were in for a treat! There was some breaching, tail slapping and pectrol waving going on from one happy pod and we also seen, for the second time this season, a mother with a newborn calf!

This is an indication that the Whale season is well underway, with Whales not only heading north to the breeding grounds but the first of the whales are now begining their journey back down south to the feeding grounds.

This is a great time of the season to go Whale Watching on the Gold Coast because of its geographical location the Gold Coast becomes one of the rare points on the east coast of Australia where you can see the whale traffic as it heads in both directions! This means there are more whales out and about in our waters for your entertainment....HAVE YOU BOOKED YOUR CRUISE??  DON'T MISS OUT BOOK YOUR CRUISE TODAY  (07) 5538 2111