Gorgeous Humpback Mother & Calf Come to Visit Us!

Good Afternoon!

The sun is shining and the whales are out there- what more could you ask for?

We had a great morning- FOUR PODS including one GORGEOUS HUMPBACK CALF! She was the sweetest little thing- well, maybe not that little...When a Humpback calf is born she/he already weighs 1 to 1/5 tons and is 12-14 feet in length- that is quite a sizeable bambina!

During the first six months of its life, the calf goes through an amazing growth spurt- growing an inch and gaining 100 pounds a day- all thanks the mother's milk.  Whale milk is 50% fat- they need to their whale bambinos to grow quickly so they have the strength to make enormous journeys.

Naturally, Humpback mothers are very protective of their calves, never letting them stray further than a body length away for very long.  How do they keep them close? Recent research has led scientists to believe that whale mothers may have special calls (whale song) for their young ones- a little like whale baby talk? Would love to hear that!

See you back soon for some more whale tales!