Good Morning Gold Coast & Good Morning Whales!

Wow- looks like today is going to be a cracker of a day! The blue skies are cloudless, the seas are calm and our morning passengers at Whales in Paradise are cruising out on our purpose-built vessel, MahiMahi, as we speak.

Yesterday morning was FANTASTIC! We viewed 2 pods of Whales- one of which gave us the works! We has pectoral waves, tail slaps and THREE BEAUTIFUL BREACHES- and to polish off their devine show- they mugged the boat and then swam right underneath us as they bid as farewell. It was such an amazing show that you have to wonder if they had been practising it all night! Great job, Humpbacks! We were all thrilled.

We'd also like to give a shout-out to the cutest turtle you've ever seen who kept us company for part of the cruise. You gotta love those turtles!

See you out on one of our unforgettable Whales in Paradise Cruises soon!