‘Good for the Whales, Good for the Watchers’ – World Whale Watch Conference Report

'Good for the Whales, Good for the Watchers'

Latest Report from the World Whale Watch Conference


We have just received the latest report from the World Whale Watch Conference, 2012- and what an incredibly inspirational report it is!   It is fantastic to see so many organisations and tour operators working together to ensure safe, responsible and fun Whale Watching.

 World Whale Watch Conference

One of the highlights of the conference for us was keynote speaker Gene Flipse of Conscious Breath Adventures  in the Dominion Republic.  Flipse described how citizen science (scientific research conducted in part by amateur or nonprofessional scientists) mutually benefits both the whales and the watchers.  Our team at Whales in Paradise agrees; everyone can lend a helping hand in different ways to ensure safe waters for our favourite gentle giants.  From signing a petition to prevent Whale Entanglement in our local waters or joining a local non-profit volunteer organisation, the possibilites are endless! We also loved Flipse's catch phrase 'Good for the Whales, Good for the Watchers.' It's a motto we live by here at Whales in Paradise.

Flipse also spoke about the importance of using photo identification, acoustic recordings, plus citizen-led research and support for scientists.  We can proudly say that we are ticking all of those boxes! Did you know Whales in Paradise has a strong affiliation with an awesome team from Humpbacks & High-rises?  Humpbacks & High-rises is a local, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the research and protection of whales in the broader Gold Coast region.  We regularly sponsor a group from their team to come out with us and collect the data they need.  We love learning from them and our intrigued passengers do too!

The next World Whale Watch Conference will be held in Boston in 2013.  We can't wait to see the progress that has been made and to contribute to creating safe waters for whales.  We are aiming to help generate as much awareness as possible of the protections of whales.  Join us on Facebook to find out (simple & quick) ways to help the Humpbacks.

Have a great day!

Photo Credit: The Bird & The Whale  Oliver Lake