Gold Coast Whale Watching Close Encounter

Whale Watching

Gold Coast Whale Watching Close Encounter

With more and more whales passing though our waters here every year as there numbers continue to increase, we get better and better whale watching experiences.  There are so many whales performing for us that we weren't sure which way to look.  We had calm to moderate sea conditions which the dolphins quite liked as well, because there were plenty of them out and about too.

We experienced an active whale breaching about 100 metres from the boat and sometimes they surprise us so you have to be quick with your cameras.  One also decided to roll over for us close to the surface of the water and perform a fin slap.

We also noticed that one of the whales that kept splashing it's tail on the top of the water, had an usually curly tail.  Even though we have approximately 17,000 whales pass through these waters every year for their migration up north, every whale is still different and unique in their own way.  They will have small markings or features that make them unique, though most of them will look similar to us when we watch from a distance, unless you're paying close attention.

Looking forward to what we will experience with these beautiful creatures on our next Whale Watching Encounter...