Gold Coast Weather effects Whale Watching Cruises

Gold Coast Weather effects Whale Watching Cruises

Spy Hop Whales in Paradise Seapix Photo

Recent Gold Coast Weather effects Whale Watching Cruises at the start of the 2016 Whale Watching Season. Locals, Visitors and Whale Watching Tour Operators were among a number effected by the recent battering of rain and winds on the Gold Coast. Wild weather effected various parts of the country over the past couple of weeks and the Gold Coast did not go unscathed.

Large swells, high winds and torrential rain disappointed tourists who were booked on Whale Watching Tours with Whales in Paradise. Their efforts to run 5 Whale Watching tours per day, were naturally hindered by the wild weather with no option but to cancel tours and wait for calmer seas. Whales in Paradise take passenger safety very seriously and will alter Tour availability, when conditions are not favourable.

Bad weather passes quickly on the Gold Coast as seen in this photo. This was taken a couple of days ago, when a couple of juvenile Humpback Whales came very close to Whales in Paradise's newest vessel. Whale Watching relies highly on mother natures kindness, the weather being a very important factor. The Gold Coast is the ideal place for Whale Watching due to it's close proximity to the Humpback Whale highway. The Whales travel parallel with Gold Coast beaches and can commonly be spotted just a few hundred meters from the shore in peak season.

Having the Humpback Highway so close to Surfers Paradise, means Whales in Paradise only have a short trip out to the Gold Coast Seaway, before starting to spot whales, on most occasions. Being so close also provides calmer ocean conditions, than further out to sea. making a much more enjoyable whale watching experience. This is also where heavily pregnant mothers or new born calves can be spotted.

Whales in Paradise run 5 trips per day at 7.30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 2.30pm.

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