Gold Coast Show Day On and Off The Water

It seems the Whales off the coast knew it was Gold Coast Show Day yesterday and they put on a breathtaking display for our lucky morning cruisers.
Our skipper Steve said it was "ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE" and the "BEST TOUR EVER, BAR NONE" This is a BIG call from our skipper whom has been skippering our boat for 4 years and during his time he has seem EVERYTHING these magnificent creatures have to offer. Some of the things 1st time Whale Watchers refer to as amazing may not even register on Steve's radar so for him to be still raving about how awesome it was today it must have been TRUELY SPECTACULAR!!
I sure wish I was on board!!

Passengers and crew were treated to displays of absolutely everything that makes whale watching such a popular sport.
There were great blows, breaching, head lunges, spy hops, tail and peduncle slaps, pectoral waves and muggings!
Not only did we "get it all" but we got it extra close up with some magnificent aerial displays within arms distance of the boat!

Steve said "The Whales were going crazy!" and at times it was like the were breaching off the boat!

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