From Glasgow to the Gold Coast here comes the fun!

It seems like only yesterday that it was announced the Gold Coast would play host to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, but now with the end of the Glasgow Commonwealth games officially completed, With only 1336 days until the official opening the world has quickly turned it sights to the Gold Coast’s preparation in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth games and we hear, It’s tipped to be the best yet.


At Whales in Paradise we have always known and I’m certain you have too, that the Gold Coast is a world-class tourist destination, A must see for anyone travelling to the land down under. Now its not just us, but the whole world is recognising it to.


So what makes the Gold Coast so amazing, Is it the world-class surf breaks, Its premier beaches, It’s alluring scenery, It’s captivating entertainment, It’s exciting theme parks or It’s abundant wildlife. According to official 2018 Commonwealth Games committee it was all of these things that helped contribute to the Gold Coast forging it’s reputation as a premier holidaying location and thus successfully winning it’s bid to showcase the Gold Coast to the world in 2018.


From the 4th to the 15th of April 2018, The worlds eyes will be focused on the one and only Gold Coast, It will be the first time the Commonwealth games has ever been held in a regional city, The prospect of displaying all that Surfers Paradise has to offer has Tourist operators excited, this is huge opportunity for the Gold Coast to showcase all of the amazing and unique activitys it has to offer.


It is estimated that this prestigious sporting event will generate more $2 billion in economic investment, and further generate up to 30,000 new jobs for the Gold Coast. The Commonwealth Games committee is tipping this event to be “A once-in-generation opportunity.


This is such an exciting time for the iconic Gold Coast, We can't wait to see what happens next.