Gigantic Humpback thrills Passengers!

Wow! This morning's cruise was one for the books.

Our passengers at Whales in Paradise was shocked and amazed by the sheer size of a HUGE HUMPBACK which graced us with its presence out on the ocean this morning. Conditions couldn't have been better to view this gentle giant of the sea; beautifully blue spring skies, the warm sun on our backs and pristine visibility. This enabled our passengers to get a very clear sense of the girth of this giant, fully grown male Humpback.

Humpback whales are born 3-6 metres long and can weigh 1-2 tons at birth! That's a pretty big calf! A full grown humpback whale (at the age of 12) could grow up to 13 metres and weigh up to 40 tons, with the females usually being longer and heavier than the males. Almost half of their weight is pure muscle- unsurprising as they need this to perform all their incredible aqua acrobatics.
So, you can imagine, upon spying the enormous beauty this morning, our jaw-dropping passengers were ecstatic!

Previous to coming across our ginormous friend, we were treated to an amusing visit from a friendly and very laidback Humpback. According to our bemused skipper, Gary, this unhurried fellow was suffering from a case of Monday-itis! The friendly fellow seems to be content to just enjoy the company and the sunshine- all that migrating business could wait as far as he was concerned.
Passengers were treated to some fantastic pectoral slaps (the Humpback's famous wave) as well as spy hops and mugging. What more could you ask for!

It was another fantastic morning out Whale Watching with Whales in Paradise. Come and join us soon!

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