Fun day, now for some fun Whale Facts….

 On a rather, unusual weather day, we had fun out on our cruises today.
We had a slow start to the day but on our last cruise  the whales all came out to play
We saw a pod of whales along the horizon but we stuck with three whales, two males and a female which we saw them perform head lunges, tail slapping and breaching !
Humpbacks song is a series of squeaks and grunts that forms a beautiful melody.
The four-chambered heart of the average humpback whale weighs about 430 pounds (195 kg) - about as much as three average adult human beings. 
Humpback whales can dive for up to 30 minutes, but usually last only up to 15 minutes.
Humpbacks can dive to a depth of 150-210 m
The humpback whale has about 330 pairs of dark gray baleen plates with coarse gray bristles hanging from the jaws
Want to know more...
Come see this fascinating mammal and learn more about the humpback from our staff on the cruise!

Whale playing on it's back, with tail out