Food for thought Fridays; Inspiring conservationists not just saving Whales but the world


Can you believe it’s the Weekend already! This week has been an absolute blockbuster for the Whales in Paradise team. Our gentle giants have been putting on quite the show, The word is officially out, the Gold Coast has the best coastline on the east coast and our Humpback friends are not wasting their time to find out large numbers have been flocking outside the Seaway to see for themselves. I guarantee their not going to be disappointed, and I guarantee you won’t be either.

With the weekend right around the corner; it’s that time again Whales in Paradise would like to give you an inspirational kick start for the weekend. A little food for thought on your Friday afternoon.

Richard O Barry- Save Japan’s Dolphins

Ric O'Barry

Ric O Barry would have the be the epitome of a tiger changing his stripes, A feat that many believe with passion is impossible, Not for Ric O Barry however this inspirational man began his career capturing and training wild Dolphins. Most famously training the Dolphin’s for the 1960’s award winning family favourite “Flipper”.

It wasn’t until the health of a dolphin named Kathy began rapidly deteriorating and ultimately lead to her death that he released captivity was no place for a Wild Dolphin. Ric O’Barry had a connection with the Dolphins that not many of us could possibly imagine. Ric believes that Kathy was so unhappy in her fake world that she lost the will to live and ultimately took her own life in a sense. Kathy died in Ric’s arms.

This was the start of a dramatic transformation for Ric O’Barry he went from actively enabling Dolphins in captivity to assertively combating the captivity industry.

Ric O’Barry has spent the last 40years educating people on the negative impacts that captivity has on Wild dolphins and where possible successfully introducing dolphins back into the ocean, the way nature intended. In 1991 in recognition of his contribution to the protection of dolphins, Ric received an Environmental Achievement Award, presented by the US Committee for the United Nations Environmental Program.

He has since established the Dolphin Project. Through his organisation he strives to achieve a global end to the killing of dolphins as well as the exporting and live trafficking of live dolphins to theme parks.

Ric O’Barry played an instrumental role in the production of the Academy Award-winning film “The Cove” for those of you who haven’t seen it; it’s a graphic feature film uncovering of one of the world’s most horrific slaughters. The documentary raised worldwide awareness on the annual Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and sent shivers down the spines of the global community. Around 25,000 Dolphins are captured and brutally killed using prehistoric methods, in the small Japanese fishing town of Taiji each year. The trade would be rendered financially non viable if it wasn't for the world’s leading Oceanarium's hand selecting and paying top dollar for their next superstar.

Using covert operations the documentary successfully uncovered the slaughter and exposed many world famous adventure parks that had been purchasing wild dolphins from Taiji fisherman to train and use in their performances.

This has kick started the movement of impassioned conservationists who now assist to guard the cove each year.

Ric O’Barrys courage and dedication for the worlds Dolphins should be highly commended. To help Ric in his fight to save Dolphins visit his website and stay up to date with his campaigns.

Whales in Paradise hopes that Ric's  story has helped inspire you this Friday. Maybe you could reserve a small part of your weekend to spend time admiring the amazing marine creatures the Gold Coast is famous for, in their ocean Just the way nature intended.

Whales in Paradise recommends Burleigh Heads lookout for the best land based Whale viewing platform, If this isn't close enough to the action for you we would be more than happy to accommodate you on board the Mahi Mahi tours depart from the heart of Surfers Paradise 3 times a day 0730, 1100 and 1430 book on line now or phone or friendly  team on 1800 942 537.