Final days of Whale Watching

Our whale watching season on the Gold Coast finishes next Sunday the 6th of November.  Come join Whales in Paradise for the final days of seeing mothers and their calves, in their natural habitat off Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Broadbeach.

Everyday this season Whales in Paradise have been blessed to see these majestic animals and their acrobatic displays.  Each year when we see the mother's return from Far North East Australia, it warms our heart as we watch them teach their newly born babies the ways of the underwater world.

Whale breaching - Whales in Paradise

Whale breaching off Gold Coast, Queensland

One of the season highlights was again seeing the rare Migaloo whale who returned this year in late July, on his way up north.  Over recent years there has been controversy over the fully white whale and if he has a family relative, however we know Migaloo and it’s definitely him and his unique tail characteristics!  He is a friendly and inquisitive whale that approached our boat off Burleigh Heads, to the delight of our very lucky guests.

Other whale watching highlights include:

  • Witnessing multiple breaches at the same time including baby calves
  • Plenty of whale action including tail and pectoral slapping, spy hopping and mugging
  • Dolphins regularly playing in the wake of the boat
  • Record breaking numbers of Whales on migration over 25,000
  • Superb sunny calm weather most days and fewer winter storms
  • School holidays and seeing children admire nature and learn respect for wildlife and whales
  • Developing our excellent staff to pursue their dreams working in marine tourism, with two crew members Lloyd and Ryan moving onto Skipper our boats Mahi Mahi and Kaiala
  • Supporting our research friends Humpback and Highrises to undertake the important work they do
  • Carrying over 40,000 guests from counties all over the world

So what do we do when the Whales leave? We watch our other favourite animals Dolphins, Turtles and Dugongs of course! From the 1st of November our crew will transition onto our popular summer product Dolphins in Paradise. In the warmer months we ramp up to this action packed day trip to Moreton Island and the famous Tangalooma Wrecks.  Moreton island is a pristine island paradise it's the world's third largest sand island (Fraser Island is largest followed by Stradbroke Island).  

The Dolphins in Paradise day trip, includes the following activities:

  • Dolphin watching and encounters, Moreton island is home to many bottlenose dolphins
  • Spot Dugongs the mysterious large cows of the ocean   
  • Snorkel the Tangalooma Wrecks with rich marine diversity. The wrecks are a sight to be seen with 17 scuttled ships providing a safe harbour for boats and tourists
  • Dip our toes into the glossy white sand on the island or go sandboarding
  • Discover giant turtles, starfish and other native animals
  • Feast on a buffet lunch of roast chicken, prawns and salads
  • Basically have the most fun in the sun!!

Dolphins in Paradise

The Dolphins in Paradise tour runs from 1st November until end of May, and departs from either Gold Coast or Brisbane. Our experienced team offer a great day out for families, tourists and locals that are looking for adventure or just some relaxed island time in the natural paradise of Moreton Island.

For more information call our office on (+617) 5538 2111 or check out our website:

Dolphins in Paradise