Extremely Active Humpback Whales !!

On all three tours today we experienced extremely active humpback whales!! We had whales breaching all over the place, which was an absolutely fascinating sight to see! We saw mother and calves on all the three trips today, they were being very inquisitive by coming up close to the boat, and the calf would come a few metres away and turn its belly upside down, then the mother would quickly swim by to whisk her baby away. There has also been a lot of male pods around single female humpback whales.


From our research groups on the boat they mentioned the whales would know the sound of our boat and they can see us from underwater. We find the humpbacks are so friendly, it feels like they know "what we are all about". The whales are curious, that is why we always find the whales will put on a little bit of a show for us and they are always swimming up close to our boat .


When the calves are born they are 4 metres in length and already weigh two tonnes, the humpbacks maximum adult length is 16 metres and maximum adult weight is 50 tonnes! These facts just blow your mind away! The humpbacks blow holes are how we find the whales, they are a single cloud-shaped blow expelled when surfacing to breathe.