We are having an extremely active end of Whale Watching season….

Come aboard our boat and let the whales entertain you!! There are still plenty of whales in our oceans of the Gold Coast. The activity of the whales this end of season has been phenomenal. We have been blown away with the amount of whale pods we still have migrating through the Gold Coast on their way to Antarctica.

calf tummy

Lately every tour we have been seeing Mother Humpbacks with their Calves and even the Mothers teaching their babies how to breach..This has been a fascinating calf development to watch. 

cruise 30-9 -2

Luckily the Gold Coast has a longer whale watching season, than most coastlines because of our geographical location on the East Coast. The Gold Coast has whales passing through all season. It is one of the rare points on the East Coast of Australia where, from August, whale traffic heads in both directions on the Coast.

We definitely are blessed to have these incredible mammals passing through and we are grateful to call Gold Coast one of the best places to experience the humpback whales migration. 

Our Whale Watching season will be ending towards the 10th November. Last year we still had a lot of whale activity around this time and after the growth and success of the whale season this year, we expect the whales to be still migrating down south well into mid November.  

Fun Fact for today....  It will usually take a humpback whale three to fours days to travel 700 kms. 

whale calf 2