the END is near…

What a phenomenal season we have had this year! We have been blown away with the number of whale pods that have migrated through the Gold Coast on their way to Antarctica.

Towards the end of the season we were lucky enough to see many mother Humpbacks with their calves and to see the mothers teaching their babies how to breach... This has been a fascinating calf development to watch. 

On the Gold Coast we are very fortunate to have a longer whale watching season than most coastlines because of our geographical location on the East Coast. The Gold Coast has whales passing through all season. It is one of the rare points on the East Coast of Australia where, from August, whale traffic heads in both directions on the Coast.

We definitely are blessed to have these incredible mammals passing through each year and we are grateful to call Gold Coast one of the best places to experience the humpback whales migration. 

Our Whale Watching season has now ended and on behalf of everyone at Whales In Paradise, we would like to thank those who gave us the pleasure of taking you Whale Watching.