Early Morning Whale Watching

blog picAfter introducing our early morning whale watching tours on the Gold Coast a few months ago, there has been many extra benefits for the tourists.  Our early morning whale watching tour departs at 7:30am sharp, so if you enjoy getting up fairly early in the morning we can highly recommend this morning cruise.  The traffic and overall environment around Surfers Paradise seems to be quieter at this time of morning, plus that morning sun was just exquisite as the light shines through all the buildings as you cruise through the canals.

Once you head out into the open ocean, it can be calmer at this time too and the views back to the Surfers Paradise skyline are amazing.  We are over halfway through the whale watching season and its regular to find pods of whales with a calf amongst them now.  On our 7:30am cruise on Monday morning, we found a pod of three adult whales with a calf.  The calf was a bit playful as it would turn around onto its belly a few times and even waved it's pectoral fin in the air when it turned onto its side.

Then we had a  dolphin and its calf come over to the boat and swim right at the front of the boat while we cruised along.  The dolphin calf was only about half the size of the adult dolphin and was so cute.  Such an awesome time to go out on the water, then when you get back at 10:30am-10:45am there's still plenty of time to do other tourist attractions.

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