Dolphin gets put in its place by a Humpback….

Another gorgeous day on the water today!

We had a great time on this mornings cruise....the weather was a little chilly but the sun was shining and the water conditions were calm. We had a pod of 4 Whales hanging around us for the majority of the tour, they were happily swimming alongside us, giving us a few waves, some tail slaps, a couple of rolls and then a cheeky dolphin decided he wanted part of the action!
Not only be part, but be the star!...he was swimming around the boat, riding the wake, cruising in front of the bow doing some jumps, aerial spins and side swimming, he was having a great time! Obviously loved being the centre of attention, the Whales however were not! He was happily showing off when he got too close to one of the Whales whom gave the water an almighty slap with there pectoral fin as if to say "GO AWAY" to the dolphin! This was an amazing sight to see, the warning was so apparent to passengers and crew and made for a great talking point. Dolphins to Whales have been compared to Flys on Cows... apparently they can be that annoying to them...I know I wouldn't want to get on the back side of a grumpy Humpback! 🙂

There was also a breach from a solo Humpback cruising South and some flying fish.