Daily Sightings

We welcomed the beautiful clear skies and very pleasant weather with open arms!

This morning's cruise was the best cruise of the week with the first spout (whale's blowhole) spotted easily!

While I've got your attention... Did you know the blowhole is actually the whale’s nostril? Quite funny when you think of it like that. Humpback whales have two blowholes (some have only one). Unlike us, whales can only breathe through their blowholes, not their mouths- so blowholes are very important! That’s why the Humpbacks surface every few minutes to blow out a mixture of water and air and take in a fresh breath or air. Then again, maybe sometimes its just to sneak up on unsuspecting passengers at Whales in Paradise! We love it!

Our skipper has just started boarding for the Afternoon Cruise and he has informed us that the conditions are looking good! Everyone is really excited to get on board and onto the water! Have fun everyone and be sure to take lots of photos!