Daily Sightings Report

We have been very lucky this season to see so many calves and young whales migrating back from the Great Barrier Reef, where mating and birthing took place.

We have noticed how strong the bond between mother and calf is; with calves staying mostly eyeball to eyeball or within pectoral fin distance of their mother. We have also noticed that the time spent in the warmer waters has mainly consisted of feeding, resting and playing. It has been great seeing the younger whales learning how to breach and tail slap from their mothers.

We have also been very lucky to see calves feeding from their mothers. Did you know that a young calf can consume up to 120 gallons of milk per day!

The mother's milk is a highly rich substance and almost like a yogurt texture as it contains a high level of fat. When it is time for feeding, the mother is usually submerged in a horizontal position (the mother's head is down and tail flukes above the surface of the water which allows the calf to get easy access to their teats). To see this wonderful sight, give us a call as the season is coming to an end! Don't miss out!

Raymond Russell


Thank you Russell for the photo of the young male breaching!