Daily Sightings Report



Even though the weather looks a bit grey outside, the whales don't mind whatsoever and were happy to show us their acrobatic skills this morning.

It's so exciting to see the whole pod become so active like this group of humpbacks did.  The humpback whales kept breaching with their full body, upper body, pectoral side fins and tails in the air.  They were having so much fun that I don't think they realised how close they were getting to our boat, or maybe they did and it was part of showing off.

Our guests had to be quick with their cameras too to get some great photos, while still enjoying the entertainment by the whales.  Thank you to Sharyn for sending us this wonderful photo from our cruise yesterday! What a beautiful shot of the tail! If you would like to see some more great shots, visit our Facebook page!


Sharyn Dicker